Case Number


Reporting Data

Incident Date:

10/01/2019 at 12:00


Open - College Investigating

Reporting Officer:

Jeffrey N. Hendricks

Contact Email





Owensboro Community and Technical College


Main Campus

Crime Reporting

Clery or Minger


Type of Crime:


Type of Bias



Unknown Suspect/ No Damage

Law enforcement agency reported to:

Campus Security

Arrest Made:


Police Report Number:


Unfounded by Law Enforcement




Crime Description:

On Thursday 26 SEP 2019, student arrived for class on OCTC Main Campus (MC) and parked his 2000 Chevy Silverado Pick -Up Truck in the P4 (Orange) Lot at approx 1200. Student stated that his vehicle is "approx 20 years old, and the locks sometimes do not engage" but stated he did lock the doors before going to class from 1230-1430. At the end of class , student returned to his vehicle and departed OCTC to return home. Student stated he left his laptop in the backside of the cab of his truck, since he did not need it for class that date. He also stated he had no homework so he had no need for the laptop over the weekend. On Monday 30 SEP 2019 at approx 0900, student went to his vehicle to retrieve his laptop and discovered it missing then. Student stated he searched his vehicle, his home, and his book bag to no avail. Student then contacted his instructor to see if it had been secured /t urned in, which it had not. Student then contacted the OCTC LRC Lost and Found to check there , and was told it was not there. Student then contacted OCTC SSO to check , and was told that it was not here. SSO contacted OCTC Lost and Found to check for student, and it was not there either. Student stated that he felt it may have been stolen from his vehicle then. SSO recommended that student file a report and consider a police report. On Tuesday 1 OCT 2019, student came to SSO and filed a report, student was offered opportunity to file a police report with Owensboro Police Department, which student declined to do. OCTC SSO will continue to investigate.